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Believe it or Not

The last few years have shown us how easy it is to call the news fake when it’s not and call it correct when it’s the opposite. Consequently, when we read or hear something in the news, can we automatically believe that it’s true?  We have to use our brain and analyze everything that we hear and read. No longer can we take the news at face value. Is it fake news?


Know the Source

Certainly, we gather our news from too many sources. Gone is the day of getting the news by listening to the radio, reading the daily newspaper, or turning on the six o’clock news to find out what is happening in the world. Today we have the internet and our cell phones. We have social media and the dark web to find what’s happening. Our news has become overrun by too many sources and not enough fact-checking to verify it. For instance, our news comes to us from anyone who has a cell phone that can take a photograph. Who cares what’s really happening in the photo. We believe the caption that goes with it.

Celebrity News

The hero of Forever Love is a celebrity.  Quinn’s photograph is on the cover of every celebrity magazine. He is the hot topic gossiped about on all of the entertainment news platforms, and paparazzi continuously follow him. He has no control over the truth. Consequently, photographs of him with starlets are taken and a story is reported. The truth doesn’t matter.

Davina is aware of this type of news. Most importantly, she’s smart and knows what to believe when it comes to the Hollywood heartthrob who has recently come into her life. For example, she knows the tabloids are guessing who Quinn is dating because it’s her, not Natasha or Rene who they show in compromising photographs with him. This scene is only the beginning for Davina as she finds her newfound fame exposes her to the untruths in the press, forcing her to learn how to deal with it. The truth or lack thereof will be a constant test of their relationship.

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