Here are the Best of Recipes & Romance Cards

Hungry For Romance? Dine on This!

It’s been wonderful hearing from readers of  Forever Love, and Boss. Nothing makes an author feel more encouraged than knowing that there are people enjoying the fruit of our passion.

Can’t Get Enough Romance? Let’s have some fun!

If you use Pinterest, I invite you to follow me:

I have started a board for my fans. This board allows you to post pins that remind you of my books, characters, settings or feelings. How do you picture Quinn or Davina? When you imagine a red carpet event, what do you see? If you’ve visited the Rockies, pin a picture of the mountains. Is there someone who reminds you of Boss or Bates? Although I have storyboards for my books, I’d love to know how you see my stories. Send me an email or message me on Pinterest if you’d like to join this group, and I will send you an invitation.

Don’t miss these recipe cards. Here are the best recipe cards of 2020 for your collection. Download the PDF by clicking the cover image below.

Spice up your love life with a little fun in the kitchen. Let him catch you cooking in lingerie, he’s sure to get a rise out of it. Be sure to set aside some time each week to cook together as a couple. Stay tuned for more Recipes and Romance.

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