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What’s Cooking? Kitchen Romance


Hungry for Romance?

The fastest way to the heart is through the stomach, or so they say. Cooking together with your sweet honey can be a wonderful and romantic way to spend an evening, get to know someone better, or enrich your already existing relationship. Be sure to get two bottles of wine as you might finish the first before your elaborate meal is ready.

Cooking with your date is a great opportunity to get to know each other better, flirt, and explore common favourites in taste. Food is an important part of everyone’s history and is the perfect conduit for conversation. The action of cooking forces you to reveal certain parts of yourself, and you both learn how well you can work together as a team.

For long term couples, set aside that special time to make dinner together once a week. You’ll find yourselves growing together, making more creative dishes, and ultimately enriching your relationship.

Here are 3 recipes for a romantic, 3 course, date night dinner.

Happy eating, lovebirds.

Deborah Armstrong 

Hungry for Romance?
Cooking in the kitchen with your partner.


Classic Bruschetta Recipe Card

The Main Attraction

Creamy Lobster Pasta Recipe

Sweet Endings

Chocolate Covered Strawberries REcipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate covered strawberries you’ll love.


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