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Dancing couple

Dancing couple






“I’m not a pretty boy. My face isn’t perfect.”

“I’m not into pretty boys. It’s what’s in a man’s heart that appeals to me.”

Dane laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

He gazed down at her and held her stare. “I’ve heard that one before.”

“It’s true.”

Dane twirled Red for a couple of steps before bringing her back into his arms while continuing their dance.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me. I’d like to buy you a drink, or a few if you’d like.”

“Thanks. It’s not necessary. I can buy my own.”

“I won’t sleep with you as payment.”

He laughed again. He’d lost count the number of times women had offered sex as payment for doing a job, as though sex was a valuable commodity. It wasn’t. Not to him. Pretending to be Gary for the night became more appealing than he thought.

“I’m not expecting you to. Look, your creeper is still here with a front row seat to watch us. You’ve got me until you decide to leave.”

“I can’t ask you to do that. You probably have plans. Someone to go home to.”

“The only plans I had were to have a few drinks with my buddy at the bar. As you witnessed for yourself, he’s busy, so now I can have drinks with a beautiful woman who wants to pretend that I’m her boyfriend for the next few hours. I’d be a fool to say no.”

Dane spotted an empty booth and directed her toward it. Catching the bartender’s eye, he motioned for two drinks.

“I don’t know your name. What should I call you?” she asked as she slid into the booth ahead of him.

“Gary suits me just fine, as Red does you. Any objections?”

“No.” She smiled, pleased with her new name.

“Good. That’s all we need to know. For now.”


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