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5 Things to Know About Service Dogs

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Firstly, I want to share 5 things to know about service dogs, our four-legged heroes. They are not pets. Service dogs have a job to do. Do not distract them. Service dogs are expensive. It costs $1,500 to raise a puppy in its first year of life. A trained dog is worth $30,000. A service dog works from 8 – 10 years. Most importantly, service dogs are provided for free to those who need them.

I spent time searching the internet learning about service dogs. For example, service dogs can assist people with Autism, PTSD, hearing, blindness, and other disabilities.

Supporting Service Dogs

Secondly, as a result of my interest in these amazing animals, I decided to contribute to National Service Dogs Canada (NSD). With every book sold, I will make a donation to this organization.

Tips about Service Dogs

5 Things to Know about Service Dogs

Service Dogs for Autism

In addition, Labrador and Golden Retrievers assist children and families living with autism. They are often seen in public schools with their young owner. These service dogs are lifesavers. Most importantly, they bring happiness, self-confidence, and courage to their young charge, allowing them to develop their social and communication skills.

Service Dog

Therapy dog sitting beside a teddy bear.

If you want to learn more about Service Dogs, I encourage to go to 

On this site, you will learn more than 5 things about service dogs.

About my Book, Game Changer

Most importantly, I almost forgot to tell you about my upcoming romance novel, Game Changer has a hero who uses a service dog. Dane Andrews suffers from blackouts–a brain injury caused by a traffic accident. His dog, Lucky, has the ability to sense when Dane is about to have a seizure. As a result, Dane is finding his way back to having a normal life, or at least as normal as he can get. Lucky’s abilities are not imagined. There are dogs in real life who are able to sense chemical changes in the human body.




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