Celebrating Rejection

Wednesday Wisdom for Writers

Don’t let rejection get you down.

Celebrating Rejection

One of my writing groups awards chocolates for successes. We celebrate requests for manuscripts, getting an agent or publisher, publishing a book, finishing writing a book, finishing a chapter. We celebrate any success we can think of. There is also the downside of writing which many of us experience – rejections. One of our members announced that she had received her 300th rejection letter. Her achievement was worth one chocolate or two. Instead of gasps, her announcement received applause. To have the persistence to carry on despite the growing pile of rejection letters is a testament to all of us that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams of being a writer.

Keep on writing


Dealing with Rejection

Carry on writing regardless of what others may tell you. You have a story to tell and only you can tell it. Make the necessary edits then try again. Your writing will improve.

Popular Books Rejected before Succeeding

Writers, don’t let rejection get you down. Harry Potter was rejected 12 times, Twilight 14 times,  Chicken Soup for the Soul 144 times, and The Help 60 times. Keep writing. Keep submitting.


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