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Taking the Happiness Challenge

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Each day something new to be happy about.
A month of happiness challenge.


I came across this happiness challenge today –  every month write down 30 things that make you happy and every day do one of those things from the list. As a result, I’ve made up my list for April. Although I’m already eight days into the month, I remember something unique for each day.

What Made Me Happy

  1. April Fool’s Day – not fooled.
  2. Networking with my friends in Women Supporting Women – hearing their success stories makes me happy.
  3. Getting my hair done – colour and cut always puts a smile on my face.
  4. A workout at the gym. No matter how crappy I feel, a good session always makes me feel better.
  5. I wished my friend Happy Birthday.
  6. I tidied my desk. A messy desk brings me down. I like to have it start tidy every month.
  7. Attending a bridal shower and had a great time visiting with friends and family.
  8. I had a doctor’s appointment. My doctor has a dry sense of humour. He makes me laugh at every visit. I’m fine, by the way.


Things to make me happy.

My to-do list for happiness challenge.

Things to Make Me Happy This Month

  1. Hugs from Montgomery.
  2. We are attending a family wedding.
  3. Helping my Mom move and getting her settled in her new apartment.
  4. Easter.
  5. Family gathering over Easter weekend.
  6. Celebrating Caitlin’s birthday and our birthday breakfast.
  7. Rachel’s birthday.
  8. Breakfast with Sheila.
  9. Beth’s birthday.
  10. Toronto Romance Writer’s meeting
  11. Writers’ Ink meeting.
  12. Watching Game of Thrones season opener.
  13. Working on edits for Game Changer.
  14. Attending the WSW’s Spring into Health & Beauty Vendor Show on April 24th.
  15. Reading a new book or two. Five Things That Make Me Happy
  16. Getting a manicure and pedicure.
  17. Buying new shoes. Shopping for shoes is a pain. However, buying them is not.
  18. Playing with Montgomery.
  19. Working out at the gym. Three times a week. Working on my endurance for playing with Montgomery.
  20. Going to church.
  21. Getting my taxes done.
  22. Watching tv with hubby.


Being Joyful
Celebrating Happiness challenge.




Finding Joy

By month’s end, I expect to be filled with joy. I think of myself as a happy person. However, if I purposefully aim for happiness every day, I expect that by the next month I won’t have to plan to find happiness, I know that I will. I will know the little things that bring me happiness, – seeing my children, and hugs from my grandson,  as well as the big things in life – birthdays, anniversaries, and family gatherings.

What about you? Do you want to join me in the happiness challenge?



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