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Dinosaurs make what kind of sound?

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Yesterday, while I played with my grandson, I was instructed on the proper sound a dinosaur makes. I must admit it wasn’t the sound I imagined it to be. To be clear, my grandson, Montgomery,  is 18 months old. He loves tractors, trucks, and dinosaurs. Every time we visit he has a new addition to his collection to show me, and yesterday it was his dump truck.


Cement trucks and dinosaurs sound the same.
What sound does a cement truck make? Does it sound like a dinosaur?


He brought the dump truck to me, happy to show me that he could press the button to make the engine sound. We talked about it, although I will admit I had no idea what he was saying. Then he brought me one of his dinosaurs. I was to play with it while he played with the cement truck. He made the vroom vroom sounds that toddlers learn to make when they play with a toy that has wheels.


Brontosaurus vs Dump Truck

What sound does a dinosaur make? Does it sound like a truck?


I joined him making stomping sounds for the dinosaur as it made its way across the bench. My grandson stopped his truck and looked at me as though I were an idiot. He snatched the dinosaur from me and pushed it along the bench while making the vroom vroom sound. He then returned the dinosaur to me, satisfied that he had taught his grandma how to play with the dinosaur. I took the dinosaur and proceeded to make the stomping sounds. Montgomery would have none of that. Once again the dinosaur was taken from me and put beside the dump truck. Then he brought his tractor book to me.

Grandpa's tractor
JD tractor



We pointed to the different models and colours. He turned to the pages that had his favourites – a John Deere 7330, just like Daddy’s and Grandpa’s, and the red Steiger, just like Uncle Peter’s. Luckily for me, they all made the same sound – vroom vroom.

Toy tractor


When I left Montgomery, he was playing with his toys. Pressing the buttons that made engine sounds or beeping sounds. And when the buttons weren’t enough, I’m sure there were plenty of vroom vrooms.


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