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Do You Have a Vision and a Mission Statement?

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Looking Deep Inside Yourself

I helped my daughter work on her vision and mission statements. I know they are a part of business and charities. However, writing personal vision and mission statements was new to me. It was uncharted territory, putting goals to paper, and describing yourself, attributes and flaws. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? What do you expect to accomplish? How will the world benefit from your actions? Consequently, vision statements require deep soul searching and honesty.


Setting Goals

Once we mapped out her vision statement, we moved on to her mission statement. In one sentence we encapsulated what her task was, how she planned to accomplish it, and what the outcome was to be. It was a piece of cake writing it. However, would her goal become a reality?

Unexpected events
Plot Twist!


Change Happens

Most certainly, vision and mission statements are meant to change. Events in our life can cause us to re-evaluate our dreams or goals. We may also realize that what we once thought of as important and necessary are no longer high on our priority list. Therefore, the importance lies in having a vision for the future, and a mission for the present. We need to have a purpose in our life, no matter what it is.

Having a Vision

I have made New Year’s resolutions, set goals, but I didn’t write down a specific vision of where I see myself in 5 or 10 years. I have a general sense of where I want to be. However, there’s no clear plan, nothing where it says, “I want this, this and this. And I want to be here at this time.” I have my writing, my family, and plans to travel. I am happy. What else do I need to envision? As far as a mission statement goes, I think that I can be more focused. I need to focus on my writing business so that I can publish my fifth book. So, I have to finish the rewrites, decide on a cover, and get the book to press — no more dilly-dallying. I’m now a woman with a mission and a writer with goals to meet.

How about you? Do you have a vision and mission statement?




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