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5 Things I Love About My Cat

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I consider myself a dog person. However, I have a calico cat who has wrapped her white paws around my heart and claimed me as her human. There are many things about Chloe, (that’s her name) that make her special. Here is a list of the top five things I love about her:

Her Sense of Time

Chloe is a natural alarm clock. She lets me know when it’s time to for me to get out of bed. Ten minutes before eight o’clock she lets out a blood curdling meow. If she is impatient for me to rise, she will walk across my head after she has visited the littler box.

She’s My Partner in Crime

Chloe follows me into the kitchen everytime I raid the cupboards for a snack. She watches me, giving me that cat glare that demands she gets a snack, too. Kitty snacks buy her silence every time.

She’s the Perfect Paper Weight

Without fail, Chloe will find my important papers pile and make it her napping spot while I work. For a cat who can fit into the smallest box, her ability to sprawl with abandon across my desk is admirable. It is nearly impossible to pull a sheet of paper from beneath her body.

She is My Muse

When I get stuck with a scene, Chloe is there for me. With deliberate steps, she walks across my keyboard and sends me into that black hole known as Google Search. It’s uncanny how I find myself looking at pictures of drag queens, cat memes and body piercing – just what I need for my latest work in progress.

She Keeps me Centred

Chloe reminds me of my place in life. Whenever I think highly of myself, she reminds me that I am not the centre of the universe. She is and so it will be.

My Cat
5 Things I Love About My Cat



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