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Do you make a “To-Do List”? Can you make a mental list of the tasks you need to perform, or do you write everything down, itemize each job, then cross them off the list with gusto once completed? However you make your list, the completion of it proves the success of your day. Or does it?

It’s all in the Details

I’m a writer downer. I use any scrap of paper or the back of a used envelope to make a list. To give it life, I use coloured pens with my best handwriting. Neatness means business. I will number the tasks, allow time for them: time to start, time to finish. No matter if they are big or small, every goal for the day is on that list. For example, today’s list has me having lunch at noon, reading at 12:45 pm and then writing from 1 pm on.


Unfortunately, even the best-made plans don’t always succeed. By 11:30 am I was starving. I finished my lunch before noon. My reading time became nap time on the couch. By 2:30 pm my schedule became compromised. Time to throw caution to the wind and ignore the list. Instead of heading to my office to write, I decided to unload the dishwasher and refill it. Then I swept the floor. I may have been behind schedule, but at least I had a clean kitchen.

By 3 pm I made it to my office. As I settled into my chair, I glanced up and saw my daughter-in-law walking to the kitchen door. I sprung out of my chair to greet her. She had brought me cookies. I am saddened to learn that I can’t visit with my grandson. He’s sleeping in the car. She can’t stay, and so I am left alone again to get back to work. There’s still time.


It’s now 4 pm, and I am writing in my diary. I’m only 3 hours behind. I’m sure I’ll get some writing done today. It’s the last task on my list. I see success ahead!

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