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6 Tips for Staying Productive While Working from Home

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It’s not always easy working from home. I have too many distractions, including a kitten called Lucky.  As a result, I’ve come up with six tips to stay productive while working from home.

6 tips for staying productive while working from home
Lucky in his favourite spot.

Tip 1. Get dressed. It will put you in a work mindset.

6 tips for staying productive while working from home
Good morning.

I get up, shower and make my bed. As a result, by the time I’ve made it to the kitchen for breakfast and coffee, I have already accomplished three tasks. I’m already on a roll!

Tip 2. Have a dedicated workspace. It is important to have a working environment that allows you to cultivate your creativity and productivity.

6 tips for staying productive while working from home
Just write for romance.

My office doesn’t look like this. It’s not pink and feminine. Although I call my office the dungeon since it is in the basement of my house, it is far from being dark and dingy. My walls are painted in an autumn red. I have posters of my book covers on the wall facing me. A window lets in lots of light. There is a flat screen tv on another wall that is usually tuned into CNN or YouTube music videos. I have my hunting prints and a psychedelic cow print on the other walls. I am in my happy space.


Home office.

Tip 3. Have a regular schedule. Set your office hours. Schedule your breaks.

6 tips for staying productive while working from home
Set your office hours.

Making a schedule and sticking to it is difficult. It takes a lot of practice and determination to find a schedule that works. Checking email and social media posts first allow me to get on with the tasks at hand: office work and writing. The Fitbit on my wrist is set to buzz me on the hour to make sure I get up and move – change laundry, reheat my coffee, or take a walk out to the barn and check on the ladies.



Schedule your day.


Tip 4. Plan your day. Before starting your day’s work, make a checklist.

6 tips for staying productive while working from home
Plan your day.

Know what needs to be done for the day and prioritize. Check off each item once it is completed. Writing a list helps to guarantee organization and provides a clearer thought process. It may seem silly, but a checklist works. As a result, my to-do list doesn’t seem so daunting when I see tasks marked completed.


Tip 5. Eliminate distractions. Put your cell phone in airplane mode while you are working to avoid distractions.

6 tips for staying productive while working from home
Turn off your social media.

Only use social media for your business during business hours. I am guilty of wasting a lot of time checking to see if I’ve missed anything exciting. Minutes add up and before I know it, I’ve spent an hour on Facebook or Instagram looking at cat pictures. Leave the games for break time, or when you’ve finished working for the day. Reward yourself.

Tip 6. Maintain a social life. See friends and family. Go to the gym. Make time away from your computer and enjoy the real world.

6 tips for staying productive while working from home
Look after yourself.

I go to the gym three times a week and work out with my trainer. We talk about American politics, the gym’s lousy selection of music, and Coronation Street. Also, I belong to a women’s networking group. I try my best to keep a social life going, although there are times when all I want to do is stay home and write.

I will stop all work for a visit with my grandson. It doesn’t matter if the words are finally flowing in a difficult scene, I will stop for a cuddle and kisses with him. He and his parents are welcome to drop by anytime.


How about you? If you work from home what tips do you have to stay productive? Please share.



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