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Celebrating Sweater Sunday

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Sweater Sunday

I never expected to be celebrating Sweater Sunday, especially in April. It’s the month where most of us expect to find daffodils, tulips, and other spring flowers debut their blooms. Trees begin to bud, promising lush foliage necessary for summer shade. Unfortunately, this year April is not following the plan.

In my area in rural Ontario, this weekend is being plagued with snow, freezing rain, rain pellets, and falling temperatures. Sweater Sunday weather is miserable, making the less adventurous of us stay indoors, celebrating the day by keeping warm as we listen to the rain pelt against the windows.

Here at home, we are wearing sweaters, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying the warmth emanating from our fireplace. Hubby is watching the new Lost in Space series on Netflix. It is actually quite good. I am trying to write this post, although it is difficult with a kitten who wants to help with it. Lucky believes that work is always easier if he helps whether it is walking across the keyboard, chewing on the wires. or peering over the laptop screen. I put up with his help until he eventually tires and finds a comfy spot on a chair where he can keep an eye on me.

Lucky watching the freezing rain on Sweater Sunday.
It’s time for me to find my comfy spot, too. There is something very peaceful and relaxing about the sound of rain against the windows. It provides a sense of calm that fills the room because there is nothing else one can do. There is no place to go, and no sane reason for braving the outdoors. I’ll make another cup of hot chocolate for me and hubby, and then I’ll cuddle up with him and ask him what I missed on Lost in Space.

Keep warm and dry.

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