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L is for Lucky, Licking and Lovable

Lucky on alert

Lucky has grown since I last posted his picture in September. My rescue barn kitty is now a 6 month-old, orange and white ball of energy. Lucky is the toddler who never stops. He’s the Everready battery bunny who keeps on going. He’s always there. Wherever I am, he’s with me. On top of me. Wanting to cuddle. On my feet. Biting my feet. In my arms. Biting my arms. Licking my fingers. Biting my fingers. He always licks first. It’s as though he’s apologizing before he sinks his baby teeth into my skin. Maybe he’s softening the skin to make it easier for the teeth to puncture. Regardless, it’s hard to get mad at him. For now anyways. I’m sure he knows how lovable he is, and that his kitten cuteness lets him get away with almost anything. Almost.

C is for Cat, Coffee, and Cursing

Lucky loves coffee
Lucky likes coffee

Lucky likes coffee. Every morning, when I sit at my desk with my mug of hot coffee, Lucky and I play a game of Leave My Coffee Alone. He jumps on my desk without making a sound, and before I know it, his cute kitten nose is diving into my mug. I snatch the mug and move it to various places on my desk as he follows it. We play this game to the chorus of “No. No. No.” It lasts only a minute or two until a curse word escapes, and he is removed from the desk. My patience is gone. I have work to do.

P is for Paper Clips, Paws and Passive Aggressive

Lucky hanging out
Life of leisure

I have to hide my office supplies from Lucky. My rubber fingers have disappeared. Consequently, I no longer have the little red fingertips to help me file. Paper clips have been moved to a cupboard, and no stray paperclips are left unattended. He likes to put them in his mouth. Definitely, not a good idea for kittens or cats. Also, he likes paper. Lucky will lay on a pile of paper and chew on the edges. He’ll tug on the sheets and, if he’s lucky, (no pun intended) he’ll pull one loose and run away with it.

I watch him race up the stairs, and then hear him as the paper is “killed” in the room above me. Unfortunately for me, Lucky doesn’t care when I am working. In fact, he is more likely to walk across the keyboard when I am writing. Before I can pick him up, he has managed to type lines of gibberish on the page. I think he’s mocking me. Making fun of my work by showing how easy it is to use the keyboard. I’m onto his passive aggression. I can be that way, too. If I choose to. However, not now. He’s too adorable.


Down time
Lazy Lucky



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