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This Summer I Became a Kitten Mom

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Litter of barn kittens

This summer I became a mom to four abandoned barn kittens. We think the mom cat went out hunting and became the prey of local coyotes; it’s not an uncommon occurrence out here in the country. These kittens weren’t old enough to look after themselves. We thought them to be about ten to fourteen days old. I knew it would not be easy looking after the little furballs, however, I had no idea how difficult the task of kitten mom would be.

Here, Kitty Kitty

Lucky kittenLong story short, only one of the four kittens survived.  I thought I’d call him Angel. My husband suggested we call him Lucky for obvious reasons. Right now he responds to the age-old Kitty, and he gets called a few choice names when he chomps down on our bare feet and toes. Lucky gets by on his looks. Kittens are adorable and there is no resisting his tiny furry body, big white paws,  or his little meows when he wants attention.

Proud Kitten Mom

I am impressed that it took one day for him to learn to use the litter box. The first day he ate the litter. The second day he pooped in it. I was a proud mom that day. Lucky has learned to run to the laundry room when it’s feeding time. He’s learned that if he sits in front of the pantry he will get a treat, and he has learned to go up and down stairs. Lucky has also learned how to wrap his little paws around our hearts.

Working with Lucky
Calico Cat Chloe










We weren’t looking for another cat. We have a sixteen-year-old calico who doesn’t like other cats. She has hissed and swatted at this kitten numerous times. I was afraid that she may start messing in the house in retaliation. She hasn’t. I am quite proud of the old girl. She shares her eating space with the kitten. She has let him take over her favourite chair for naps, and she has reluctantly allowed him to share her morning routine with us – she likes visiting us when we’re in the bathroom.

This kitten is a keeper

From the moment Lucky entered our home, our friends and family thought that I would send Lucky back to the barn once he got bigger. That was never the plan. Although I had hoped that someone would adopt him, he is a part of our family now, our very own orange and white fur ball with teeth. And claws.


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