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Game #2 – Here Kitty Kitty

Deborah's Diary

February Freebies is in its second day. I’m celebrating my one year anniversary winning a Tim Horton’s car and I am giving away prizes. You don’t have to read Forever Love, Love’s Promises, and Love’s Games to win, although I hope you will. Follow the love story of Quinn Thomas and Davina Stewart and the trials and tribulations of being married to one of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs. If you like to read hot and spicy contemporary romance, you’ll LOVE this series.

Yesterday’s game  went to the dogs, so it’s only fitting that today is for the cats. In Love’s Games, Quinn, who is allergic to cats, offers to buy Davi a cat. Pick your favourite hypoallergenic cat from the pictures below and give it a name. Bonus point if you can name the reality television couple Davi makes reference to more than once in the book. You can post your answers in the contact section of this website or you can email  your answers directly to

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