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How would you like to win some fun prizes?
It’s February Freebie month. I’m celebrating my winning a Tim Horton’s car one year ago (February 21, 2014) and I thought I would play some games with you. They aren’t hard to play and everyone has a chance of winning (better than one in 7.7 million). I’ve got Tim Horton’s cards, swag (promos for my books) and other goodies to award.

The games will be based on my three published books: Forever Love, Love’s Promises, and Love’s Games. I may also include some tidbits on my two works in progress: Family Pictures and Love’s (to be determined). Don’t worry, the questions won’t be hard. There may also be some Valentine’s Day games.

I’m hosting the games on my Facebook page.

However if you aren’t on Facebook and you would like to play, you can play here on my website. All you have to do is leave a comment with your answer in the contact section of my website. I’ll announce the winners on Valentine’s Day. Good luck and have fun!

Game #1.

Davi’s got a new puppy. He’s a gift from Quinn’s nemesis, Ryan You Know Who. Which puppy did he give her? Bonus points if you name him and I choose that name.



Puppy #1. Some of you may recognize this little guy. I couldn’t resist posting his picture.



Puppy #2. Who could resist this adorable face?
Puppy #3. Fun and mischief on four white paws.



Puppy #4. He looks a bit sad. Nothing that a few hugs and treats won’t cure.


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