Stories From Just Down The Road – Courtesy of Dupont Pioneer Canada

In Forever Love, Love’s Promises and Love’s Games, you’ll read about my farm. I give you a tour of our barns and tell you about our cows, the Ladies. I am very proud of our family business, Armstrong Manor Farm. I am also proud of my family – my husband, my son and daughters, and my extended family who work so very hard to make our farm the success that it is.

I use my family and friends in my books and I have their permission to do so. Some family members are featured more than others, not because I have favourites, but it’s just the way their stories played out. I keep my friends’ placement in my books a secret so that they are pleasantly surprised when they come across themselves in the story. My husband jokes that he has the role of the dead husband. So not true. I did not write the character of Davina with myself in mind. However, I will admit that I wouldn’t mind trading in my boots and jeans to live a day in her shoes – the 5 inch heels that go perfectly with the David Paul designer gown at a star-studded gala.

In this video you will see my husband, Philip, and my son, Richard. It is a promotional video for Pioneer Sila-Bac 11CFT, a product we use in our corn silage (cattle feed).

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