June Newsletter

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He remembered everything about Rene and what

she liked – the smile that turned her on, the wink

that promised her more later, and the kiss that

made her drop to her knees willingly.


The Writing Game

Love’s Games is finally finished! I thought it would only take one lap around the course to complete the final draft. I was wrong. The game kept changing and with it the finish line. Blame Davi and Quinn. Blame Rene and her partner in crime (I’m not ready to reveal his name yet – contest winner has yet to be announced).

The rules of the story were quite clear. Give you, the reader, what you asked for – more of Davi and Quinn. The rules that Davi and Quinn play by may not be what you are expecting. They want to shake things up a bit and keep you and each other on edge. 

The players in the game are seasoned pros when it comes to love. They know what they’re doing, or at least they think they do. Love’s Games is about playing the game of love, win or lose, and discovering that winning isn’t everything and losing is – well, that’s for the reader to find out.

Love’s Games will be out later this summer. I promise. Thank you for your patience. There will be contests and give aways for book bling and free copies of Love’s Games.You are invited to follow me on Twitter and Facebook where I will be posting updates on a regular basis.

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