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Happy Birthday To Me!

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birthdaycakeThis week I turned fifty five. I don’t feel much different from my last birthday or from quite  a few that came before it. I still feel that my age is a frame of mind. If I didn’t see those around me aging, I wouldn’t see myself as getting older. Blame it on the kids. Seeing them change from teenagers to young adults is a reality check that time is passing quickly. Granted, the hair gets dyed more often and stores I used to shop in are no longer frequented. My taste in music hasn’t changed nor my taste in reading and movies. My friends have stayed the same, too. I’m in no rush to trade them in for new models. I like what I have.

Did I do anything different this past year that stood out from the rest? Of course I did! I won’t list my accomplishments in any order. Just as Quinn Thomas says of Davina, in Forever Love, I don’t rate anyone or anything higher than the rest. I love and cherish everything equally and treat everything and everyone as special. I won a car from Tim Hortons. Being that one in 7 million plus is a definite thrill. Being interviewed for tv, radio and print – another all time high. Becoming a mother-in-law for the first time is up there, too. Having my books mentioned on television – definite stand out moment. Having people recognize me from that television show and from my blogs – another rush. Being asked when Love’s Games is finally going to arrive is another thrill.

It’s three years ago this summer that I began my writing journey. Forever Love was just a thought of what ifs. What if someone met a Hollywood heartthrob on an airplane, what would happen next? What would happen if she were older? What about a pregnancy?  Love’s Promises continued the what ifs. What if something happened to threaten the happy ever after ending? Would the happy couple be able to survive it? Then there’s Love’s Games, the last of Davi and Quinn’s trilogy. It’s darker and still asks, what if someone risks the happily ever after for his or her selfish needs? What if the unexpected happens? Will love survive? Will there be a happy forever after?

Love’s Games is finished. I’m doing something different this time. I’m thinking about it before I rush to have it published. Why? Because it’s a bit different to what my readers may be used to.  I’ve asked my husband to read the story before I send it off to print. I want his opinion before I make the final commitment to publish. He knows my characters and my writing. I trust that he will give me honest and helpful feedback. After almost thirty-three years of marriage, I know that I can depend on him. What better birthday present to me than the words, “I love it!”


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