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What’s in a Car’s Name?

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It’s here! I have my car from Tim Horton’s. It’s beautiful. I’d like to give it a name and yet I’m not sure if my car is female or male. I haven’t felt its vibe yet and found out what he or she is all about.

I remember that my father named all of his cars Bessy. My car doesn’t look like a Bessy. Bessy sounds big and dependable, something for driving the family across the country during summer vacation. If my car is female, she’s hot and wild and likes to move in the fast lane. She’s awesome in every way possible. She definitely needs a name that reflects that. If it’s male, the name will have to be the name of a romantic hero. He’s got no choice in the matter.

My character, Davina Stuart, in Forever Love, calls her pickup truck Buddy. She loves him and takes great pride in him. She has a picture of him on her cellphone. Remember her fantasy with Quinn in the back of her pickup truck, looking down on Toronto from the Escarpment and getting hot and steamy underneath the stars?

In Forever Love, Quinn has fantasies that involve the backseat of his limo. I don’t know if he has a name for that limo. He also drives a Black VW Beetle, one he loves and wants to share with Davi. He probably has a name for it. He definitely refers to the bug as she. And then there’s his Porsche. The one we get to experience in Love’s Promises, the one where he and Davi have fast and furious lovemaking for the very first time. In Love’s Games, Rene Adams thinks Quinn drives his Porsche because he’s not ready to be a family man. When Quinn tells her the real reason behind holding onto his beloved Porsche, she is floored by his response.

I’m looking forward to spending time with my car and getting to know it. Whether it’s male or female, I know we’ll have a great time getting to know each other.

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