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Romance Writer on Holiday – Day One

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Since I write hot and steamy romance, people either assume two things about me. One, that I have a very healthy sex life, I am knowledgeable in the sexual content about which I write and that I am very open minded. Two, I live a frustrated life, my sex life sucks and the only way I can get enjoyment is to write about sex – at least someone is getting it. Well, much to my husband’s pride and joy, I write about romance and sex because I enjoy romance and I’m getting it at home. I realize that as I write this, my adult daughters may read this at some time. That’s alright with me. They read my books before I published them and they must know by now that I had to have had sex at least three times for them and their brother to exist. But I digress. My intention for this blog is to write about the real romance that happens when an author of romance takes a holiday.

My husband and I are in Punta Cana, enjoying the heat and the sun and the endless supply of rum based drinks. It’s a working holiday for me and a pleasure holiday for him. Yes, I’m here for pleasure, too, however I also have a work in progress to complete and various blogs and website updates to do. So, as I’m here sitting by the pool on a hot Dominican Republic afternoon, I’m writing this blog as my wonderfully supportive and incredibly sexy husband sits beside me while reading his book. He waits patiently for me to finish so that we can go for that long awaited romantic walk on the beach. A walk on the beach should be impulsive, although it is difficult to do when one of the members of the couple has a very expensive laptop stowed away in her beach bag. Once this blog is done, we will retreat to our room where my laptop will be stored away and I can then walk the beach with my honey, hand in hand. Visions of Chapter One Love’s Promises fill my head.

Reason for taking this holiday – hubby finally had enough of working without a week’s holiday since March of 2013. My reason – I needed time to reconnect with hubby and time to finish my third book – Love’s Games. I told everyone this would be a working holiday, so I had better show something by the time I return home.

So, here it is – my first romantic moment while on holiday. You’ve all read it in some romance novel, or seen it on the silver screen. The couple has just arrived at their resort and enters their hotel suite. The bed has already been prepared for them. The maid has turned down the bed, the chocolates have been placed on their pillows, the lights have been dimmed for atmosphere, oh, and the piece de resistance – the bed has been covered in rose petals. Hot passionate sex ensues. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination – you’ve read about it so many times before Think about Quinn and Davi. I know that I do.

Here’s what happens in the author’s world. The bed has been prepared, including rose petals strewn throughout the bed. Hot passionate sex ensues and then, well you can imagine the rest. As we make our way to our obligatory post-coital cuddle, my husband exclaims, “Oh, great, your period has started.”

I’m in shock since I haven’t had a period in five months and there was no signal to let me know that it might be making its appearance. I curse under my breath as I imagine Mother Nature standing beside the bed with the white box just for me. Do you remember that television commercial for Tampax or Playtex? Don’t worry, Mother Nature, I came prepared. I look down at the bloody mess only to find that it’s not bloody and it’s not red, but purple.

“It’s not me,” I exclaim with relief. “It’s the rose petals. And your balls are purple, too.”

Rose petal stains marked our sheets. Wherever our bodies pressed against the red velvet, their colour bled into the clean white sheets. Our sheets were bloodier than any surprise period I’ve ever had. It was a roadmap for a nose bleed, period, and blood letting from both arms. There was no hiding from the maid what we’d been up to. I can only hope that she’s seen worse, or she has a perverse sense of humour. Nevertheless, I made sure we left a good tip so that we’d have clean sheets in the morning.

Well, it’s getting late and we need to fit our walk in before happy hour. In my next post I’ll tell you how our romantic walk turned out. I’m looking forward to re-enacting Quinn and Davi’s walk along the beach in Aruba.

Wishing you romance from Punta Cana – Deb


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