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National Women’s Show – Toronto – Romance, Hormones and Other Things

Deborah's Diary

deb 003This past weekend I had the opportunity to share a booth with three amazing ladies at the National Women’s Show in Toronto where we promoted our very different but connected products. Marlene, a life and career coach, assists people in making life and career choices. Sonia promotes healthy living through essential oils. Kelly, a pharmacist, focuses on getting our hormones working naturally. I, of course, sell hot and spicy romance novels. It was interesting how we were able to successfully pitch all four of our products to passers-by.

Kelly’s banner was the eye catcher, reading something like, “Kathy age 32 was heading for divorce. She couldn’t sleep, was gaining weight and her sex life was non-existent.” Women would stop, point and say, “That’s me.” Then they would see my Love’s Promises banner showing a naked man and woman in a lover’s embrace and then say, “That’s what I want.”  One of us would approach them and introduce our group. We had a system that enabled us to connect with our visitors.

Over three days, we met and spoke with many women. I was surprised to learn that so many women were going through menopause and suffering. I was shocked to hear of those who unknowingly let their hormones affect their sex life and their marriage. As a romance writer, I was saddened by the number of women who no longer had a sex life and those who didn’t believe in romance, loving relationships (unless it was with a pet) and who didn’t think there was a decent man out there in the world. Many of them had suffered and were still suffering alone.

I had the opportunity to talk about romance and sex in real terms and not just in the fantasy world of romance. Women would ask me what I thought worked in the bedroom and what I would do to get the passion burning again. I write about what I know and so I talked about what I knew from my own experience. I talked easily, never lecturing, and I listened.  We knew the same bedroom games, the way to a man’s heart and more. We knew what we liked and wanted in the bedroom, too. Sometimes all a woman needed was one of us to offer her our support and encouragement.

Oh, and I did sell some of my books. Our dairy farm was on Toronto’s Breakfast Television show in July of this year and I was fortunate to be given a few minutes with Jennifer Valentyne. Women approached me at our booth and said, “You’re Deborah Armstrong and I saw you on tv! I read your first book and I’m a fan! I want to buy the next one.”  It was a thrilling experience to be recognized and to be told that my stories were loved. I chatted about my farm and my characters. I talked about my family and friends who support my writing and allow me to use them in my stories. I shared the writing experience and what it is like to self-publish. I talked about my stories that are still in progress. I was asked to write a love story with a lesbian side. Already looked after. Stay tuned.

Now, I’m back at home checking emails, updating my Facebook status and tending to my real world that was put on hold while I was away. The house has been tidied, groceries have been bought and bills have been paid. I met with Kelly this afternoon and discussed hormones and other things. I spent time with my family over the dinner hour and I gave my husband a hug and a kiss just because I wanted to. Enjoy your week and take care of yourself in every way.



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