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The Perfect Love Story

Deborah's Diary

On Friday, we welcomed a new member to our family. Our son, Richard, married Bethany – a beautiful woman who brings a smile to our face and warms our hearts whenever we are with her. She is kind, considerate and loving.

All of the guests at the wedding could see how much Richard loves Beth. The goofy wave and smile he gave her as she waited in the church foyer to make her entrance. There was no display of nerves or second thoughts. This is what Richard had been waiting for – to marry the love of his life. His focus was on her to let her know that this was all that mattered – the two of them exchanging their vows and beginning their life together as husband and wife.

Their’s is the perfect love story. A chance meeting through friends with the timing never quite right for them to get together until that moment when Fate decided it was time. Then falling in love, knowing that they had found their life’s partner. To top it off, they had the perfect wedding and reception. The day was a celebration of love, family, friends and of happily ever afters. No one wanted the day to end, reluctant to say goodnight to the happy couple and their love that touched us so deeply.

Congratulations, Richard and Beth. All the best to you forever. Mom

Richard & Bethany


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