Deborah Armstrong

For Tiegan

Deborah's Diary

I am being hounded by my youngest daughter. Every day she looks at me with those expectant eyes as though I can magically produce the object of her desire. I can give her what she wants, however it will take time.

Tiegan wants to read my third book. I have given her three choices – a third book in the Davi and Quinn love story, Family Pictures and Cat’s Tale. Tiegan wants Cat’s Tale because she knows nothing about it. She has read the first drafts, although unfinished, of the first two manuscripts. Although she loves the stories, she wants to be surprised.

My daughter is resourceful. She has joined Pinterest so that she can look at my storyboard. She follows me on Twitter, Instagram  and Facebook looking for any tidbit on what I’m writing. She will stand behind me as I work at my computer, looking at my toolbar to see what windows I have open, hoping she sees the one for a work in progress.

Everyday she asks me how my day was. I know it has nothing to do with anything but my writing. She doesn’t care if I had a good work out at the gym. She doesn’t really care if I lost another pound or if I cheated and ate some chocolate. She wants the story and only that.

Well, Tiegan, today is your day. While you laze in bed on this beautiful Saturday morning, I am in my office writing for you.


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