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Back from Holidays!

Deborah's Diary

I enjoyed my Christmas holidays. I didn’t work. I didn’t sit at my computer and try to write the next chapter of Family Pictures. I didn’t even read a book! I indulged in a guilty pleasure and sat in front of the Philip’s seventy inch television screen and watched videos.

It all started with a Korean dramatic series entitled Coffee Prince. It’s eighteen shows long and it is a very adorable romance. Caitlin and Sunny got me started watching it on Christmas Eve day and I had to watch the rest of the series on Boxing Day and the next day.

When this series ended, Tiegan brought in Sons of Anarchy – the first two seasons. Well,  Philip and I both got hooked and we watched both seasons with Tiegan over four days. We needed season three immediately thereafter and found it. Once that was completed, we searched the stores for season four. Tiegan was our life saver and brought that one home for us. It was finished in two days. Now what to do? Season five wasn’t in the stores yet. Eureka! A cousin had downloaded it and we made quick use of the downloads in three days. Season six doesn’t air until September. We’re done. For a while.

Now we wait for the regular series to start back on HBO – Dexter, the Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire and I’m sure there are one or two I can’t remember.Philip can sit in his comfy chair and read from his Kobo while he listens to the news or watches some silly television show. Tiegan will stay in her room studying or keep him company in the family room while she watches a Korean drama on her laptop. Caitlin will mark homework or watch her own Korean shows on her laptop. And me? Well, I’ll be downstairs in my office, trying to catch up on long overdue computer work, or thinking of the next chapter in Family Pictures, wondering how to get Molly and Jack to their happily ever after.

Love’s Promises is with the publisher now. I am waiting on the copy editing and then the galley proof. I’ll also have to choose a book cover. I hope I can have the book in my hands for February.

There’s more to tell, but I’ll save that for another blog. I’m happy I had the chance to write this.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I hope you had time to relax and enjoy spending time with your family. All the best to you in 2013.


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