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Let’s do the Time Warp again!

Deborah's Diary

I was caught in a time warp and have lost the past two weeks. I looked at the date of my last blog – September 5th. Surely, I’ve posted something since then? Apparently not, so it must be the time warp.
I’ve done the step to the right and the step to the left and the rest but I can’t seem to get back to September 5th. Oh well, no sense in worrying about it. I’m sure I’ll remember what I’ve been up to.

Oh yes, before I forget – I had a thirty minute medical exam over the telephone. A nurse asked me questions about my health. I was asked about every known disease known to man, asked about my medication, hospital visits and surgeries in the past five years. That part was easy. It was the memory tests. What a wonderful stressful invention. I’ll try it on you. Here is a list of ten words. Read them through once then continue with reading my blog.


I’ve added a picture of me at WOTS as filler for the page.

We had a a family wedding. It seems like ages since we had a family get together that was so much fun. The food was delicious, the liquor flowed, the dance floor was packed and the company was entertaining. Oh yes, the bride was a princess in her bejeweled strapless gown and the groom was handsome. And the mother of the bride (my sister) looked her fabulous gorgeous self. The flower girls and ring bearer were cute, too. I applaud the time, energy and patience of their parents for preparing the little ones for the rehearsal, the actual wedding day, the clothes

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