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What can I say? I’ve been busy.

Deborah's Diary

Once again, I looked at my last posting and saw that a month has passed. What can I say? I have been busy. For two weeks I worked my tail off to get my office work done – farm work, charity work and personal paperwork that had to be dealt with and filed or would just get burned, and I know Revenue Canada would have frowned at the idea of it being burned.

Then for one week, Tiegan and I went on a work holiday. She and I read books – she more than I, and then we discussed them. For the first few days, she would ask, “Have you finished Chapter Eleven yet?” I felt guilty when I answered, ‘no’, but she was very understanding – for the next hour or two. Then she would ask me the same question again and again.

Over supper and after dinner drinks, we would discuss my works in progress and she gave me her input. I must say that she was helpful in her enthusiasm, but she did add to my stress level when she said, “Hurry up and get it done! I want to read it now!” To pacify her demands, I let her read the first draft of Book Three. When she was finished, she told me in no uncertain terms, “Finish Book Two so you can Finish Book Three. I really want to read that story. Now!”

Tiegan suffered. She brought two books with her which were devoured in two or three days. I then gave her the two that I had brought with me. She read them in one day. Fortunately, Tiegan brought her Kobo with her, but she neglected to update it before she left on holiday. So, over the course of two nights, Tiegan sat in the hotel lobby and waited for her Kobo to update on the hotel’s free but slow internet service. Once that was completed, she purchased a book on my dime. This kept her happy for another day or two. The price we have to pay to keep our book advisers happy!

Back to me and my work. I was foolish to think that once I had revised the first ten chapters or so of Book Two, that the rest of my work would be fast and easy. Just a few cuts and pastes and my work would be done. What an idiot! Nothing flowed since I revised Book One, I had to rewrite more than I revised. I ended my holiday with the completion of Chapter Fourteen. Four Chapters – that’s all I managed to complete.

Now I’m back home to face piles of unopened snail mail, ten or more pages of emails, and four voice mails that needed to be answered. I am busily promoting myself on Facebook and Goodreads. I gave away one signed copy of Forever Love on Goodreads and an ebook on Page Turners, a Facebook page for writers and readers. I have lost count as to how many websites I have joined, how many pages I have “liked” and how many new friends I now have. I’m tired. I need a break. I need another holiday – this time to relax.

My office for one week.

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