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I look forward to August with just as much anticipation a child would have for Christmas. Every day, I check off the calendar with my eyes focused on August. And like the child who wants to be on Santa’s nice list, I work hard to be “nice” by August. My office is tidied (somewhat). I’m caught up in the paperwork and all of the important stuff is done.

Why August? August is the month I play hooky. From January to July, I dutifully work in my office – paying bills, sending faxes, answering emails and doing what I’m paid to do. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my work, but it interferes with what I really want to do. I want to write. I want to surf the internet and read other writer’s blogs. I want to read novels and review them. I want to publicize my book and get noticed. Some of this I do during my regular day, but it’s never enough. In August I can go full tilt.
At least I try to go full tilt. There are the days that I take off for a real holiday away from home. There are the emergency cheques that need to be written, the last minute entries for the accountant, and the “this has to be done now” work that always seems to crop up.
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