The Book Has Arrived – Now What?

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a month since my last post. A few times I thought about logging on and writing something, but the something never came to me.

My very friendly mail delivery man arrived with five large boxes last week with 140 copies of my book (hard copy and soft cover). The ebook is available for sale on Amazon, Kobo, Xlibris and various foreign bookstore websites. Friends and family are excited for me. I am excited for me.

My personal trainer, Rudy, has become my book pimp at the gym. Within a week he has sold 11 copies. Male or female, it doesn’t matter to him. He tells men they’ll enjoy it and if they’re too afraid to read a romance they can give the book to their wife or girlfriend. Rudy has read Forever Love. He really likes it although he said to me, “men aren’t like that Quinn guy.” To which I responded, “it’s a fantasy. We can dream about having a guy like Quinn.”

My mother saw a hard copy of the book in my family room and took the book. I tried to tell her it wasn’t a tame romance novel but my family told me to let her have it. After all, it was my mother who, at the dining table, talked about visiting the Guelph strip clubs on Tuesday afternoons to see the male strippers. She may have mentioned a senior’s discount too. We know she was kidding, but if a woman in her 80’s can joke about something like that, I think she can handle Forever Love. I’m giving  her a couple of weeks before I ask her what she thinks of it.

I have set up a Facebook Page for Forever Love and have some advertising running for it on Facebook. I am getting wonderful feedback. I have opened a PayPal account for book orders. I have set up a new email account just for the book. Now all I have to do is sell the book.

Selling the book wasn’t my priority. I wrote the book for my daughters. It was written for fun. It was an outlet for turning 50 and feeling very distracted. At the time, I was told it could be menopause or my thyroid that was causing that feeling. Now it doesn’t matter what caused me to write it. It’s written and it’s published. If the book sells – great! Wonderful! Fantastic! If not, there’s always plan B. Although Quinn and I are similar in that there is no plan B. Not yet, anyway.

I look at my calendar, trying to find a day when I can officially launch my book to my family and friends. My calendar isn’t co-operating. Week days fill up with meetings and commitments. Weekends fill up with family gatherings and bbqs with friends. I know I will have to pick a date and do it. It will be sooner than later. Be sure to check your mailbox  – Canada Post or email.

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