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I’ve come to the conclusion that renovations are very similar to book revisions. No matter how finished the project looks, there is always something left undone. There is always something that only one person knows is missing and accepts it for the time being until it is actually completely finished.

Although the renovation isn’t one hundred per cent complete, it looks it. I don’t mind getting the emails putting off the final finishing day – I know it will happen eventually. Yesterday, the decorator brought in her photographer to photograph the two rooms. After four hours, the photographer said he could stay for another two – there were so many interesting angles to photograph. I thought maybe he would take a few photographs. Silly me – I didn’t realize the staging that was involved with the right lighting and the right angles. The photos will be posted on the designer’s website. I’ll let you know when they are posted. Note to Paula – Liz is very interested in hearing your opinion. 

Now on to the really good stuff – Forever Love. It’s being published slowly. At least that’s how it feels. Yesterday, UPS delivered the posters for my book. They are to be used when I have my book launches. Note the plural – so if anyone wants to help me in organizing one or two, please let me know. Today I received the ebook file for Forever Love. I have downloaded it and put it on the Kobo reader I bought for Philip. I’ve downloaded other books that he may enjoy, but I thought mine should be the first he reads.
Philip has yet to read my book. He refuses. Although he’s been supportive of my project, he would not look at one page for me. He has no idea what the story is about, but in typical Philip fashion, he assumes he knows everything about it. The husband is dead, therefore Philip is dead, so there is nothing more he needs to know. Obviously, Forever Love is not a biography or else Philip would actually be dead. Forever Love is a work of fiction and I took advantage of the people and places I know and love and used them in the book. I am not the heroine although I put a little bit of me in her. Some of you may change “little bit” to “large part” and that is your choice. Philip’s in the story too. It’s up to my friends and family to identify those parts. No pun intended.
Xlibris now has the book listed for sale on its website in hardcover, softcover and ebook format. I expect to receive my hardcover book in the next week or two. I won’t have extra copies for friends and family for another four to six weeks. It seems like a very long process, but I can wait to see the finished project. I hope you can too.
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