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Happy Birthday, Alannah!

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This is a belated Happy Birthday Blog to Alannah. I knew her birthday was on Friday, but I was too exhausted physically and mentally to function. Great excuse, eh? So – today is my day to blog for her.

Alannah is growing up too fast. I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. She’s either away at university studying or she’s working at her summer job. I don’t mind though. I know that this is something she needs to do because she has goals and they are admirable ones.

This fall, she will be off to Europe studying at various universities over two years for her Masters under the Erasmus Mundus program. Alannah was one of two people from Canada selected for the program. Her focus will be on Crossways in Cultural Narratives. I’m sure when she tells me again for the umpteenth time, it will finally sink in as to what it is she will be studying. Then when this is completed, she’ll focus on earning her doctorate with the goal of becoming a professor.

I know Alannah will do well. She is intelligent, sociable, adaptable and resourceful. She is fun to be around, she has a good sense of humor, and she is adventurous. Alannah spent her third year of university studying in Lyon, France. When there she saw as much of Europe as she could, and she learned a lot about the European life style. Speaking from experience, she makes an excellent tour guide. I hope to visit her at least once more while she is abroad for another fun filled tour.

Alannah asked me what my plans were for the summer. I told her I’d like to have more time to visit with my friends. That includes her. Maybe we can get together over coffee or breakfast every once in awhile to catch up with each other. I’ve volunteered for a few road trips. Just give me a few hours notice and I’ll be ready. Passport and foreign currency are in the safe.

I have no words of wisdom for Alannah except for these – “Graduate from a university that has the coolest hood and headdress.” There’s nothing more spectacular at convocation than the procession of professors in their various colors. Get one that stands out among the crowd. You already do, but get one that makes a statement. I’ve always liked the hood, gown and headdress for Cambridge. Take a look and perhaps you’ll agree. Nothing beats the Tudor cap with tassels. Sorry Guelph and Western, but it’s true.

One more word of wisdom – “Enjoy!”

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