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Installation Day!

Deborah's Diary

Wow! That’s all I can say. It took close to seven hours to put everything together. It’s not quite done, but I don’t think anyone would notice.

Tiegan and I spent the day in Guelph to occupy our time while we had to be out of the house. No peeking! Then, when we returned home so that Tiegan could get ready for her first day of work, we weren’t allowed in the house. Alvin, the painter, negotiated for us so that we could come in through the front door as long as we didn’t try to sneak a peek. Agreed. Then on to the next obstacle – getting to my office to get the necessary paperwork Tiegan needed for her job. After promising that I wouldn’t try to look, I was allowed to re-enter my house through the “back” door and walk down the stairs to my office. No looking above or around me. I didn’t. Liz, the decorator, stood watch on the landing to make sure I didn’t cheat. A couple minutes later, I was back up the stairs, outside and back in the living room without glimpsing a thing.

Tiegan got ready for work then left. This left Cailtin and me to wait it out in the living room for another half hour or so. Finally, Liz appeared and said, “You can see the family room first, but don’t look in the kitchen, it’s not quite done.” So, Caitlin and I walked through the kitchen with our heads down so that we didn’t see what changes had been made. When we entered the family room, this is what we saw.

Caitlin and I were in awe. After the shock wore off, I hugged Liz and then I cried. I knew the room would look great, but I never imagined this.

Then we went on to the kitchen.


Liz and Nicole did a great job finishing the rooms with the little details. The vases and bookends I wanted to keep were used. Philip’s samurai sword is also displayed. Liz and Nicole scoured our home looking for hardcover books. We laughed (the family, that is) when we saw the hardcovers we had stored away only weeks ago, find their way back onto the shelves. Family pictures were reframed and relocated. New collectibles were added. We have candles and lots of them. We have fresh flowers, candies and fresh pastries. We have super hot and spicy pizza (Philip likes it, Caitlin ordered in for the rest of us).

We have a home we love and friends and family we can share its warmth and comfort with. We have our family pictures all around us – a reminder of what is most important to us. We have our health and we are happy. Life is good.

I have my doorbell. You are welcome to try it out and come for a visit.

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