Renovation – Days 16 & 17

Alvin and his crew are amazing. They worked most of Saturday to finish painting, then spent today doing a final  touch up and painting of the cupboard doors. They are meticulous in their work. When they are done, both the kitchen and family room were left spotless (at least as close to spotless as one can expect in an unfinished room). Now, I am left with the chore of sorting through my collectibles and deciding which ones make it back to the kitchen and which ones get tossed or boxed for charity.

I had a wonderful visit/consultation with the interior designer. She is excited that we are excited. Then she asked, “What does Paula think?” Paula is our friend who could be an interior designer but she doesn’t have the credentials ( the silly letters behind her name, except for BFF). She has fabulous taste and a flair for making a room personal. Liz would like her to take up the trade.and is eagerly awaiting Paula’s reaction and approval.

The carpeting will be installed tomorrow – it may take two days to do the room and the stairs. The electrician will arrive on Wednesday or Thursday to install the fixtures and the plates. He’s also going to rewire the gas fireplace so that we don’t have a cord running across the stonework to a wall plug. I’ll also get my doorbell installed! The wires for Philip’s tv and sound system will also be pulled through the wall. We’re getting closer to watching that 70 inch tv every day!

Kyle has offered to install the tv – he wants to make sure it is centered properly in its place. Then the crew from Future Shop will come in and make sure the tv and sound system are set to work properly. This happens on Sunday. Bell comes on Friday with the new HD receivers with PVR.

Friday is carpentry day – the shelves, doors and screen will be installed. Can’t wait!

There are a few surprises to come. I will wait until I can post their pictures. It may not be until April 25th, but I will make sure that everything is captured on film. Thanks for sharing this experience with me.

I have the feeling that we are now back on schedule.

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