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Happy Birthday, Rachel!

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Due to it being Friday the 13th yesterday, my sense of actual time was messed up. I knew that Rachel’s birthday was the 14th, but I still posted on the 13th. I now have complete control of my senses (don’t argue with me) and I will now repost my birthday blog to her.

Today is Rachel’s birthday. She’s seventeen. It’s hard to believe she’s that old and still that young.

Rachel’s been around forever – at least that’s how it seems. It’s hard to remember a time when she hasn’t been in my life. She’s the little girl who always wanted to play with the Barbies when she came for a visit. She’s the one who always fell asleep on the carpet or on the couch while the rest of us visited. We all remember her cry as she was woken up to be taken home, “But I didn’t get a chance to play!” We’d always promise her, “next time.” We’ve had lots of next times.

Rachel loved animal crackers and chocolate milk. Maybe she still does. Now she loves meatballs and Dr. Pepper.

Rachel doesn’t walk. She lopes into a room, her long legs carrying her gracefully into the room before she plops into a chair or couch. Rachel would make an excellent model. She has the long blond wavy hair. She has the beautiful angelic face with the charming smile. She has the perfect frown as she sighs, “I’m bored.”
She knows all about wardrobe changes. Rachel can go through a week’s worth of clothes in a couple of hours. She’s never satisfied with the look or the feel of what she’s wearing. The same goes with her nail polish. Once her nails are done, every nail painted perfectly, every applique glued on, she starts the process of gradually picking at the polish. If you see her today, take a look at her nails. Let me know what you see.

Rachel is smart and funny. She is a very sensitive and caring soul. She wants everyone to get along and to keep their voices down. Rachel is not one for conflict. I’m with you, Rachel.

Today we are getting together for a birthday breakfast. I always look forward to these occasions. It’s a fun time for catching up on the latest gossip, the latest news with Rachel and her friends, and much more. It’s our “family” time. Though we have no connection through blood, we are family. She’s my Rachel and I’m her Debbie. That’s all that matters.

Have a wonderful year, Rachel. You have your driver’s licence. Congratulations! You have freedom (as long as you get to drive the car). Next year is your last year of high school before the real adventure begins. Enjoy every moment.


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