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Renovation – Day 15

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I  have forgotten what day it is in the Renovation countdown. I took this picture this morning. I will take this afternoon’s pictures tomorrow morning because of lighting and I don’t want to interrupt the workers.
The smell of the primer has left the house. Now it’s just the fresh smell of paint. Alvin and his crew are amazing. Once again, my kitchen is being left in pristine condition. Today, the walls were primed again and the ceilings and trim were painted – I think 2 coats each. I finally get to see what the colors are!

We’re getting into the excitement phase now, or is it the really excited phase?  Kyle was here to put in the frames and baseboards for the kitchen. He was here and gone before I knew it. The man is fast. The shelving and the screen are scheduled to arrive on Friday.

Alvin hopes to have the family room finished before the carpeting arrives on Monday. Worst-case scenario is that if only the under pad is installed, he can use Monday to finish up whatever may not have been covered. Alvin asked if it’s okay to work on Saturday. Are you kidding me? Of course it is!   
The decorator has sent me a picture of the second choice for Philip’s desk chair. Sorry, I can’t turn it around. This is how I received it. Anyway – we’re going to try this one out. It’s about 80% cheaper than the first suggestion. Philip is happy.
April 25th has been set as the installation day. Furniture et al will be installed and the rooms will be completed. Looks like we’re back on schedule – albeit a new one, but at least it’s a schedule.

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