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Renovation – Day 14

Deborah's Diary

The Easter weekend cut into the renovation days. Philip wondered why the men couldn’t work on the Monday, since it really wasn’t a holiday. I think it’s the farmer in him – one good working day lost.

Alvin and his two man crew showed up yesterday and got to work in the kitchen. They peeled off my beloved wallpaper and found what they expected to find. The walls hadn’t been prepared properly before the paper was applied, SO when they took the paper off, the dry wall came with it. They did the best they could and washed down the walls. The walls would need a day to dry. Today they will be primed and then plastered where the holes are. My kitchen has been emptied. Philip likes the minimalist look. I don’t. It looks like no one lives here.

Alvin and his crew moved onto the family room and primed everything. The room is one big massive room of white. They will be working in here again today, caulking, sanding and other painter stuff.

The cabinet maker was here, too. He said that the shelving and the screen are scheduled to arrive on Friday. Does that mean installed?  I don’t know. He left the cabinet doors and some pieces of wood for Alvin to prime. He thought everything was going to plan.

Kyle, the contractor, dropped by, too, to show Alvin the plans. Kyle will be back today to install the new baseboards and trim in the kitchen. He said that renovations tend to go slow when there are more people involved. It’s hard to co-ordinate everyone’s schedules. Really? That’s not what I was told. Everyone would be available to work together and keep on schedule.

Anyway, the plan is now to have everything ready by the end of next week – April 20th or earlier. The carpet is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday.

In the meantime, I am working in my office listening to the sound of sanding by hand. It’s a more soothing sound than that of the nail guns and drills that echoed throughout the house. I now have no excuse not to get my work done.

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