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Renovation – Day 13

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What a noisy day! My head is pounding and my ears are ringing – perhaps a carry over from Saturday’s social events or last night’s sleeplessness, but nevertheless, everything above my shoulders is suffering.

Kyle, the contractor, was not here when I returned from the gym. I think the trim is finished. It looks amazing. What a change to the room. No visit from the cabinetmakers. Maybe tomorrow…

The painter called a few minutes ago and he will be here to start in the kitchen on Tuesday. This will work out perfectly. I am hopeful that the family room will be ready for painting by the time the kitchen has been finished. The wallpaper will be stripped and the walls and trim will receive a fresh coat of paint. I am sorry to see the wallpaper go. It was designed by one of our dearest friends, Paul Sawatsky. I will have to take before and after shots of the kitchen. (make a note to self).

The designer will be here tomorrow. I am looking forward to touching base with her. Perhaps we’ll have a more agreeable idea for a desk chair. I still smile when I think about Philip’s reaction to her choice for his desk – Holy Crap!

Thursday may be the last day of renovation work until Tuesday. I don’t know what the workers’ plans are for the Easter weekend.

The house is less dusty. There is less white stuff being tracked through the house. The cats are relaxed. The house is quiet. Caitlin is up in her room enjoying the comforts of her bedroom – tv, laptop, comfy bed and warmth. Philip is at a meeting. I am in my office posting this blog, and then I will turn my attention to reading the final galley of my book.

There’s never a dull moment here. I’ll let you know tomorrow if we’re still on schedule.

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