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Renovation – Day 12

Deborah's Diary

It was a very noisy day today. My head was pounding – right along with every “zzzt” of the pressure hammer (if that is what it is called). I tried my various pain killers to try to ease the pain. Something kicked in, although I’m not sure which one it was.

Today the walls were primed AFTER the dust from the dry wall was vacuumed and cleaned up. The dust is still tracking through the house and I think this will continue for quite some time.

Then the trim was put up around the door frames and the windows.

The box was put up that the screen will attach to. I am looking forward to seeing the screen when it is finished.

Tomorrow, there will be more hammering and sawing as the rest of the trim is finished and the crown molding is installed. The cabinetmakers were no shows – perhaps tomorrow I will see the shelving.

I’m told the painter may arrive some time this week to start on the kitchen. Then, he’ll paint the family room. All of this is to be done before the carpeting is installed next Tuesday. I don’t know if he’ll be finished by that time given that it is the Easter weekend.

Our updated HD satellite receiver with PVR is scheduled to be installed next week. I know. We finally gave in and bought PVR. Let’s see if we use it. Philip is still looking at the space for the 70 inch tv and is wondering if it is big enough (the tv, that is). Men!

Our designer e-mailed us a picture of a chair she thought would be nice for Philip’s desk in the kitchen. After looking at the picture of the chair and then the price, Philip uttered two words, “Holy Crap!” Then after a breath or two he asked. “Does she not realize I’ll be sitting in it with my barn clothes on?”
 I added, “Your stinky dirty barn clothes.”
I e-mailed her back, “Please try again.”

Today, Tiegan asked if we were on schedule. The contractor said three weeks. Only twelve working days have gone by. I’m sure we’ll be close. If we’re one week over, I won’t mind, but I won’t tell him.

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