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Renovation – Day 7 & 8

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There isn’t much to report, but not to worry – WE’RE STILL ON SCHEDULE!

Yesterday the electrician, Carlo, arrived to install plates on the switches. Only the outdoor switches were done. I don’t know why this was a priority, but it was. Now we can see outside when it’s dark, but we can’t see inside the family room. While he was here, I asked him to look at the basement lights and he will fix them when he returns. So this day was a good day.

Today, John, the dry waller (I hope that’s what I should call him) arrived to start the taping and whatever else it is called. He managed to do the whole room in under three hours. John will be back on Friday and then on Saturday or Sunday to finish the job. It has to be done since the carpet is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday.

That pile you see is his work clothes and that is the corner where he changes. I know this because this is where I almost saw him between changes of clothes. I know now to “knock” on the plastic in case he needs privacy.

For those of you who know my household, privacy is very rare, even modesty. We may not have Richard walking about in his boxers, but you may catch one of us stripping on our way from the hot tub to the upstairs. I know Caitlin and Tiegan will think, “That’s not the only time,” but we won’t go there…

I realize that I’m digressing, but this is the only ‘near excitement’ I’ve had in the last two days in regard to our renovation project.

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