Deborah Armstrong

Renovation – Day 6

Deborah's Diary

Nothing much happened. Kyle and his assistant tidied up the family room to have it ready for the dry waller.

The electrician was scheduled to finish up something. The designer called to say she wanted to discuss shelving. Both were no shows.

We’re still on schedule though.

My wonderful sister, Barb, and her husband, Ross, dropped by. I gave them the grand tour of the empty room.and acted out where the various pieces of furniture would go. I pointed to the cats (the calico and the grey) and said, “There’s my color pallet.”  I know it’s hard to tell in the photos (will try for better ones later), but Duchess, the grey cat, is the same shade as the sofas. Chloe, the calico, has the colors that will be found in almost everything else.

We sat in the kitchen and nursed our hot cups of coffee. The house is cold. The fireplace is covered in plastic wrap so it can’t be turned on to heat the house. My hands have been cold all day. They are still cold as I type this. I’m off to the gym to get my blood circulating and warmed.

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