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Renovation – Day 5

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I’m a day late in posting. By the time I arrived home to take pictures, it was too dark in the room. We have walls and a ceiling now. The dry waller can’t make it here until Wednesday, but I am assured that we are still on schedule. The carpeting is to be installed the following Tuesday and the painter arrives the following Monday. Easter falls into place somewhere along our timeline and we are unsure how this will affect our schedule.

The cabinet makers were here yesterday to figure out what to do with the now demolished bookcases. I will be getting two prices – one for glass shelves with mini pot lights and one for wooden shelves. I think the glass shelves will look better and am leaning toward that decision.

My mind has gone blank as to the chosen colors for the walls. The wall for the flat screen is similar to a steel gray (I’m not good with color samples and names). The other walls will be in the light tan range. I can imagine Paula cringing as she reads this. The color for the kitchen is Burnt Almond – I think. The colors work – that’s the main thing.

As I’m writing this, the contractor has arrived with a Tim’s in hand to finish up the last little bits for the dry walling. The noise will begin soon.

My friend, Paula, who has the amazing talent for decorating (she’s not doing the family room, by the way) is redoing her living room. She’s removing a love seat and replacing it with two wing backed armchairs. She has the material samples for the chairs, pillows and ottoman hanging from two stand in chairs. She asked my opinion as to which samples I liked. We both agreed on what didn’t work, but once again, my first choice was not hers and in one sentence she set me straight as to why I was wrong. Her choice was more dramatic. My choice was subdued. I like her choice. It will definitely work. This is why I don’t decorate or renovate on my own. I can tell what does or doesn’t work, but it’s the talent in knowing when something truly works that I lack completely.

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