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Renovation – Day 4

Deborah's Diary

I wish I had a more exciting picture to show you, but I don’t. Today, the wiring was installed for Philip’s 70″ television and sound system. With over the phone advice from my amazing brother-in-law, Ross, the men were able to figure out the correct way to put in the wiring from the tv up into the ceiling and across to the opposite wall. I now have black wires hanging like snakes from the ceiling and walls. It’s a good thing I don’t mind snakes.

Today the walls were prepared (?). Tomorrow the electrician will finish and then the walls will go up. Monday and the rest of the week is slated for drywall.

“Everything is going according to schedule,” Kyle, the contractor, assures me as he gives me his best smile. I believe him.

Philip is wondering if he should have bought the 80″ flat screen television. If this is all he worries about over the next two to three weeks, I will be pleasantly surprised.

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