Deborah Armstrong

Renovation – Day 3

Deborah's Diary

I had a very disturbing morning. Four fairly good looking young men worked endlessly in the family room with their electric drills, hammers and whatever else one needs to install electrical wires and fittings. The sound was deafening as it pulsated through the walls and ceiling of my office which is directly underneath the family room.. It felt as though I were in a dentist’s office, forced to listen to his drill as he filled endless cavities.

When the power was cut off to the office and my computer died quickly, I decided that today would be a no work day. So, I parked myself at the kitchen table within range of our internet and decided to catch up on owed reads on Authonomy and other fun stuff.

Now, the house is quiet and dusty and it’s time to catch up on some “real” work. Happily, there is not much to report – no problems so far.

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