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Rain Rain Go Away Don’t Come Back ‘Til Seeding’s Done

Deborah's Diary

April showers bring May flowers but this year April flowers have brought May showers. It rains and rains and then rains again. Light showers, heavy showers and thunderstorms. We are soaked, drenched and water logged. The ground is soft, muddy and submerged. What a change from last year.

This time last year, our crops were planted. The weather smiled on the farmer and made life good. This year, we have about 400 acres planted out of 1200. If the rain doesn’t let up, we may have to replant what is already in the ground. Seeds need the sun and its warmth. They won’t grow in constant wet. Maybe we should look into growing rice. Neighbours who run a local farm market have yet to get their strawberries and pumpkins planted. The situation could get critical.

Despite our complaints, our situation could be worse. We could be in Manitoba with our homes and farmland submerged under the over flowing Assiniboine River. We could be in Slave Lake returning to our homes now reduced to ash. We could be in the Tornado Alley in the States searching for our loved ones lost among the ruins. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone touched by these tragedies.

And so we wait. We wait for the weather forecast to finally show consecutive days of sunshine – at least five. We wait for the warmth of the summer sun. We wait for the soil to dry and the crops to be planted. We wait for growth and then the harvest. We wait with the patience of Job. There’s nothing else to do.

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