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Cats are like goldfish

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 I am positive that my cat, Duchess, was a goldfish in her previous life and she has brought one of her goldfish traits with her to this life. I’m sure this is her third or fourth life because she lives on the edge. But I digress. Duchess is a goldfish because she cannot remember from one moment to the next where she has been. It is said that goldfish do not realize that they are in one place (the bowl) and thus every minute they find themselves in a new place.

My house is Duchess’ fish bowl and every door is an opening to a new place. Duchess will sit at the kitchen door mewing to be let out. Once outside she will enjoy the outdoors for brief moments only to want back inside. Once she is allowed in, she runs to another door to be let outside. Within minutes she will be back at the same door mewing to be let in. And her mew is loud. We don’t need a doorbell when Duchess wants into the house. We have timed her. In less than five minutes she will come in through the kitchen door, check her food dish, use the kitty litter (she won’t go outside) then she runs to the back door to be let out. If no one responds, she finds the side door and then moves back to the kitchen door and hollers to be let out. 
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